Panama Mission Relief - Colombia


It is amazing how many people don't know their story! Their villages have been under attack for over half a century. While the rest of the world has moved on, a "not so Cold War" still rages in the mountains and jungles of Colombia.

In their beginning, groups like the FARC were leftist guerillas trying to overthrough the government and implement Communism. However, after adopting the drug trade to finance their operations, they lost all moral compass and became one of the worst terrorist groups the modern world has ever seen.

The FARC and other armed groups in Colombia kidnap their own people, pillage small towns and villages forcing children as young as 8 and 9 years old to carry guns and become murderers. Any village leaders who dare oppose them are brutally assassinated. They have filled the countryside with land mines that explode ripping off the limbs of any man, woman or child who is unfortunate enough to step on them. Villagers are often caught in the cross-fire of guerillas and peace keeping forces.

But it's Great Being No. 1 ... Right?

In 2006 Colombia also became number one in the world for having the most "refugees" of any country in the world!!!. Acording to statistics released by the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees, in 2006 Colombia had more than two million refugees! More than Iraq and Afganistan combined!

Now hold on to your hats. The 2008 estimates that were released by the IDMC (Internally Displaced Monitering Center) is that there are now 3,940,164. Actually, those who cross over international borders in their flight are called "Refugees" while those who flee to other parts of their country are called "Internally Displaced" No matter what you call them, there are now over 4 million people leaving behind all they own and RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES!

Funds are desperately needed for evangelization, training church leaders, buliding church buildings, installing water filtration systems, equipping medical treatment outposts, providing emergency food supplies, clothing, cooking utincels, manual farming tools, seed and demonstration farming projects.

Jesus said, "I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." (John 4:35)

Few Christians have ever been blessed with such an opportunity to fulfill our Lord's commands. We can provide much needed help to the Emberá - Wounaan tribes and the Colombian refugees who live in their villages in the jungles of Panama. No gift is too small. Please help us do God's work among the Emberá-Wounaan and Colombian Refugees.

If you are of like mind and would like to help in taking the gospel of Christ into this region please Donate.

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