Panama Mission Relief - Construction


Every group of Christians needs a place to worship and a place from which to minister to its community.

Unfortunately, for most churches in remote areas with third-world economies a building is economically out of reach. Especially when these groups of believers live in small villages in the Darien jungle along the Panama/Colombia border.

It is evident, from Luke's gospel account that this situation was present among first century believers as well. We read about the Roman Centurion who from his personal wealth had paid for a meeting place to be built for worshipers in the city of Capernaum.

Part of church planting and maturing involves helping the church in each village build a facility commensurate with its size in membership and its ministry to that village.

Each village supplies the land and the labor. We help them with what they cannot attain on their own (blocks, cement, rebar, tin, paint, technical assistance etc.). Each building is also equipped with basic study materials including Bible maps, dictionaries etc.

We need your help to plant and mature these churches. Your donations are what make all of this work, travel and teaching possible.

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