Panama Mission Relief - Evangelism


Evangelism is at the heart of everything we do. As stated in our declaration of purpose, our focus is three fold:

1. To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
2. To teach God's children how to live.
3. To do good to all men.

Our work is directed toward those who live in small villages throughout the rainforests of Southeastern Panama and Northwestern Colombia. We have a special outreach to the Colombian Refugees who enter Panama to flee the atrocities committed by narco-terrorist groups who operate in the jungles of Colombia.

There are three basic ethnic groups that make up the bulk of these villages. They are Afro-latinos of the coastal areas, the Mestizo colonizers, who live mainly along the Inter-American Highway, and the Embera- Wou-Naan Indian group who inhabit the deeper regions of the Darien jungle.

Recently God has opened a door for us to take the gospel to all 40+ Embera villages along the Panama/Colombia border. Families fleeing the horrors of guerrilla war in Colombia make their way across the border and seek refuge in these villages.

Most villages are situated along the Chucunaque river system and along the Pacific Coast. There are four geographically divided areas.

We are currently working in Area One, the Cemaco Reserve, which consists of a system of tributaries that flow into the Chucunaque river.

There are 28 villages in Area One, each of which is only accessible by water. We travel a circuit on a monthly basis planting, organizing and maturing the churches in these villages. Our goal is to produce fully autonomous churches in 15 of these villages over the next four years.

We also, within the first year, identify possible leaders and begin grooming them so that at the appropriate time Elders and Deacons may be appointed. This preparation includes Leadership Training Seminars that are held periodically.

We need your help to plant and mature these churches. Your donations are what make all of this work, travel and teaching possible.

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