Panama Mission Relief - Medical


While living in the remote areas of the Panamanian rain forest, we have had the opportunity to minister to many in villages where no medical care is available.

I have treated burn victims, numerous machete cuts, snakebite victims, wounds inflicted by attacks from wild animals, gorings by cattle and wounds inflicted by guerrilla warfare.
In many of these villages we are the only medical attention available.

Beside treating emergencies that pop up where ever we happen to be preaching, we also organize medical tours as well as dental clinics. Dr. Arles Caballero, a Panamanian Doctor has been a great help on these medical tours and has assisted us on many outreach projects.

Medical missions, as most people know, are a compassionate outreach and are a wonderful evangelistic tool. One to five day clinics are held in villages and each night we assemble to share the good news of Christ.

Our medical outreach must, however, go far beyond being just an evangelistic tool.

Scripture enjoins us to do good to all men... especially to the house of the Lord. This means especially to believers.

But if our entire medical mission efforts are directed to areas where there is no church, with the hopes of establishing one, then believers are being overlooked.

Besides being an excellent medical doctor and field surgeon, Dr. Arles is a brother in Christ.

Dr. Caballero has offered to work with us full time and accompany us on all of our mission travels through these jungle villages to be able to bless our brethren with medical attention as we travel planting and maturing churches.

In this way our brethren are not overlooked in the distribution of medicines and medical treatments and every trip we make turns into a mini medical mission.

Your donations make possible desperately needed medicine and medical treatment for every village we visit.

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